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Spending Report October 2012: Week 3

The last two weeks have been crazy busy.  In fact, last week I did not even post a Spending Report for October week 2.  So this week, I will try to get back on track and keep myself accountable.      Here is a look at our  Monthly budget

Last week was a bit spendy. We had to purchase new uniforms for my husband and we did eat out a lot last week.  Stress will do that to ya!  

Sunday:   Gas   75.00 ( day trip to St. Augustine included)
                   Eat Out:   23.00 

Monday:  Gas (husband) 43.00

Tuesday:  Grocery  57.00

Wednesday:  Lunch for me and mom $18.00

Thursday:  Starbucks:  for a friend an myself  8.00
                      Personal:  Haircut  30.00
  Friday:  Grocery 58.00
                  Shower Gift  52.00

Saturday:      Too Soon To Tell              

Operation Christmas Child       25.00

The grocery category is currently  at 385.00  I did budget 600.00 for the month ( and yes that is high).  We both took our lunches to work again this week.  The eating out category  is inching its way up.  Right now  we have spent about 150.00 on eating out. Will have to keep an eye on that.  We budgeted 200.00

Gas  is a necessary expense.  I budgeted 500.00 for the month and so far we have spent 400.00 this month.  Unfortunately we both live about 25 to 35 miles from our jobs, but on the plus side, we at least both have jobs :)

For personal spending, I have gone over the set amount.  I budgeted 100.00 and I currently have spent 300.00 !!   
 Our Personal Spending is up this month but for good reason.  Hubs needed new work uniforms.  To outfit him for a week of uniforms it cost us 195.00 and that is with a 20% discount.  We have to spend this amount on uniforms for him about every 18 months.  These costs were incurred last week.

How was your week?  Did you stay on course with your budget or do you have to make adjustments?  


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Cdn Budget Binder said...

I'm currently doing the Welfare Food Challenge out of British Columbia so this week I am living on a grocery budget of $26 which you can read about at my blog. It's been an interesting week and I've learned so much about food and how much we waste because we have too much or don't think about using all aspects of a product. Who knew how many ways you could use a lemon. Our typical grocery budget for 2 which includes health and beauty and laundry products is $190 a month Canadian. I would love to see your Grocery Shops posted in my weekly Grocery Game Challenge which I post every Tuesday on the blog. I've posted a few of the recipes I've created with my $26 this week and posted them on my Facebook page as well if you want to check them out. What are your favourite frugal meals to cook and how do you save money in your grocery budget? Mr.CBB

CentsToSave said...

Fascinating!! $26 dollars a week is definitely a challenge! I am headed to your blog to check out your progress! My grocery shops would seem extremely excessive I am afraid!