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Spending Report: October 2012 Week One

October is going by very quickly and it is only the first week.  My work schedule is hectic and I sometimes wonder if I have taken on too much.  But I think  things are going to settle down in the near future. So here is where the money went this week:

  Sunday: Eating Out  21.00

Monday:    Grocery 45.00
                    Tolls 40.00

Tuesday:  4.00 Coffee ( Yep, Starbucks)

Wednesday: Gas: 61.00

Thursday:  Gas:  10.00 

Friday:  Grocery:  65.00 ( This was primarily milk, bread, beer and wine. )  
                                  Home Delivery of Hungry Howie's with tip  26.00
                                  Gas:  52.00

                               Home Depot 70.00  We are taking the washing machine off of the septic tank.  And  husband  is building tool store crib that will go on back on one of the other sheds we have.

                    Personal:    Eyebrows waxed.  20.00
                    Eating Out :  Beefy King   16.00 


I was so busy this week that husband went to the grocery store for basically the same items that he bought last week.  I have not had the opportunity to be home enough to even cook dinner, so hubs has been eating soup and sandwiches and or hot dogs.  Poor thing.  I will have to do better next week.

Here are some of my eBay sales for last week!!

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