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Food waste Friday: My Science Experiment

Evidently there were three more of the clementines hiding in the vegetable crisper. I found them when I found the onion that its starting to shoot buds out.

Note to self: do not buy the clementines again next year. They were a total waste of money. But.... They do grow pretty mold, don't you think?


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nomorespending said...

Oops. Clementines don't last long enough in our house to go bad - we love them.

CentsToSave said...

I don't know what happened. We love oranges....:)

Live and Learn said...

It's interesting that most of the other citrus waste from other people this week was because they grew rock hard. You're clementines were special and grew pretty mold. :)

We recently got some oranges that are totally tasteless and no one likes them. I'm not sure what to do with them.