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Tuesday's Short List

Today is a busy day!  I am thrilled that my obligation at the University is now over this semester.  The students will be going to clinic the next two weeks for half days.  this give them a chance to see what the next semester will hold for them.  To this day I remember the stress and anxiety that I felt when I was a student and going to the clinic for the first time.  It was absolutely terrifying.

  Woo Hoo!  It will be wonderful to be home Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  I will have time to get organized for the upcoming holidays.  The down side is that I have not done any shopping yet.  The catch is I still don't know what to get for anyone. This year has been so crazy that I really let the $500 Holiday Challenge fall flat.   In fact February of this year was the last post on getting ready for Christmas on a budget.  There is always next year!

Here is the To Do List for Today:

  • Grocery Shopping:  I have a list and I am taking cash.  Will let you know how that goes!

  • Pack ebay items that sold yesterday:  Usually this takes just a few minutes.  But yesterday a Ceramic Pie Keeper sold and it will take some strategic packing to ensure its safe delivery.  Also a framed needlepoint sold, again more strategic packing.  Both items will take some time!

  • Find an outfit for an upcoming evening wedding on Friday.  Lord.....I am secretly praying that something in my closet FITS!!  I can't tell you the anxiety that is building just over that that!! Sheesh!!!
  • Organize the rolling racks of ebay inventory.  This is an ongoing project. 
That is it for now!  Enjoy your Tuesday!

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Live and Learn said...

I know what you meant about the Christmas shopping. My biggest problem every year is trying to figure out what to get everyone. I usually do a good job if I know what to get, but still have last minute shopping as I figure things out.

Lisa Richardson said...

Gift cards would be so easy..... but I think that is disappointing to some of my family.

Anonymous said...

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