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The Best Thing I Sold On eBay: Philly Mug 2012

I have decided to revive "The Best Thing I Sold On eBay" Series.  Due to complicated circumstances throughout the year the series  fell by the wayside.  I have an abnormal obsession for coffee cups/mugs and I will always pick up a mug or two when I visit the Thrift Stores. 

In fact I have 138 mugs listed for sale in my eBay store.   The mugs are easy to store and easy to ship.  I can ship almost any mug for $6.00 to any where in the US.

One of my goals for 2013  is to grow my eBay business to become more of a business than a hobby. 

Buy It Now Price:  $25.00                                  Sold:  25.00
                           Paid:  .25 cents                                                     From:  Thrift Store

                          Ended:  Nov 5, 2012                                  Winner: Odessa,Texas

You just never know what people are looking for.  Mostly people are buying something that reminds them of their past.  Recently I have sold an ugly Christmas Sweater to a woman in England.  She wanted it because several years ago she designed the sweater.  In her correspondence she agreed that it was an ugly sweater but the memories she had while designing it were priceless.  

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Lena Shannon said...

Nice! I have a friend who has an ebay business. She mostly sells clothes (like jeans) though. But she makes about $2000 every month!

CentsToSave said...

That is awesome!

~Carla~ said...

Wow... $25.00 on a mug... Who knew?! Great profit!! :)

Deacon said...

That is an awesome return! I bought a router this year for $5 and sold it for $50 on Ebay. Still isn't as good as what you did when it comes to the margin %. I'm gonna keep an eye out for specialty mugs now after reading your post :)