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Saturday List To Do

Happy Saturday!  It is a chilly but sunny 47 degrees in Central Florida today.  I love it.  The weather is crisp and clear.  We really treasure these cool spring days, as summer and it's heat is just around the corner.  And with the heat, come the humidity.

Matanzas Bay

We started our week long vacation and since we are staying around the house we will look for a couple of day trips to take that we all will enjoy.  I am NOT disappointed that we are not going to
Vegas this year, as we will save a ton of money by staying around here.

Our options for day trips include the beach, local lakes, or heck, even a movie.  Mom still has several appointments next week so we will work around those.  It will be nice to not have to drive to work every day.  Although I will miss listening to my books on CD.  Currently I am listening to "The Help".  It is a great book! And, no, I have not seen the movie yet.  Just a few things I need to get caught up on is movie watching.

We went for a walk early this morning, only about 1 1/2 miles.  The walk was by the new High School near us.  In the  grove/field ( it was not posted as private)  next to the High School were a couple of citrus trees.  My husband (with my prodding) went up the hill and picked the a lemon off of the tree.  It smells delicious.  Now I will have to use it before it goes to waste.

Mom Update:    Mom is slowly building her strength.  She has two more weeks of daily infusions that help her with.  Her last day of the infusions is March 16th.  At least that is what her docs are saying right now.  

Budget:   Due to a large purchase ( a new refrigerator) we still have about $350.00 remaining on the credit card.  BUT, we paid cash for the new refrigerator and I am totally excited about that!     Our income will take a hit with me taking a week off, but my mental health needs it.  I am going to make an effort to shop better for groceries.  Perhaps stock pile items that we will definitely use like coffee, etc. when it goes on sale.  Baby steps. I am also throwing any and all loose change in single 1.00 dollar bills in my "Sealed Pot"

ain't it pretty!

This weekend I will work on my monthly goals for March.  How is your weekend looking?

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Lisa Richardson said...

Enjoy your week Lisa!

Lisa Richardson said...

Hi Lisa! "Staycations" are becoming the norm these days. I'm off for March break in one week and have no plans to go anywhere. Last year it was very mild and we went to the trailer for a couple of days but doesn't look like we're going to get an early spring this year - DARN!