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Saturday Morning: Back to work


Glad it is the weekend! Going back to work after a week off is never easy,is it? My first week back was filled with a lot of driving. I work for a mobile ultrasound company and we go many places. Usually I don't mind so much but we have a lot of accounts in Daytona Beach and this week is Bike Week! Well, don't you know that two out of the three days I worked I was in Daytona! Turns out it really was not that bad traffic wise and it was entertaining to see all sorts of people riding their bikes! They are sure passionate about their bikes!


Yesterday,I finally turned in my Roth IRA direct deposit slip at work. I decided on just $50.00 a paycheck for now. I am so glad that is finally done. Previously I planned to put more in per check, but then after an adjustment in the Financial Goals, I am more comfortable with this new amount.

I also turned in automatic withdrawal amounts that are going to my formally ING Now Capital 360 accounts. Specifically I am sending 50.00 a paycheck to vacation fund and 45.00 to Christmas and gifts fund. I did hesitate on that for a bit, but I decided to go ahead a give it a try. I think this will help later on down the road with keeping track of the money.

Mom Update: This week we saw ALL of mom's MD Anderson's doctors. The good news is that her tumor markers are down and her remaining bloodwork is good. The plastic surgeon removed 30 staples from her scalp but is leaving the 20 some odd stitches in for the next 6 weeks or so. He is happy with her healing progress. Mom also finished her 6 weeks of antibiotics infusion ( the six weeks has gone by pretty fast).

Warning: next pic is kinda graphic....


This is what mom's scalp looked like three days post surgery, it looks a little better and her hair has grown back in a bit. Oddly enough, she has had no pain with all those staples. Here is what it looked like before surgery...

The not so good news is that the cancer is back in her scalp/skull and she again will need radiation. But, everyone ( the docs) want to wait for the incisions to heal as that is the same area that will be receiving radiation.

Mom talks about going home saying that she needs to try it to see if she can do it. But then she forgets or changes her mind. Time will tell and she still needs to rest and get her strength back.

Budget update: The savings account took a small hit because of the recent purchase of a new refrigerator, but at least it is paid for. There were some more unexpected costs last week, my car needed new brakes... And we did charge that. But will pay that back this coming Friday.

I will be working on a crock pot freezer plan ahead meal plan for the next couple of weeks. There are some great ideas on Pinterest and I can't wait to try them out.

One more day and I will be posting the winner of the whimsical wallet giveaway! If you have not entered, there is a link at the top left of my blog.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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