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Saturday: Stuff to Do and Updates

I love driving this road. 

The weekends just fly, don't they?  There are a few things to do today which include the usual Saturday chores.  Laundry, yard work and taking our foster pups to an adoption event.

Update on sonHe did hire a lawyer.  The lawyer did get him a hardship license to go back and forth to work and church.  I understand he will have that until his court appearance.  At that time he will probably ( and deservedly ) lose his license for a minimum of 18 months.  Probably longer.  That is all I know for now.

Update on Revised Goals for 2013:  Pffffttt!  No new goals set.  We ( my husband and I) have not yet signed up for Financial Peace University.  That sucks!!  We need to do it.   What is the hold up?  I have not brought it up.  We don't talk about money logically.  Big Problem.   Maybe by the end of the year... just in time for 2014.

 Mom's estate is still in Probate.  That is fine.  I am not ready to really deal with all that just yet. I think we will take my parents cremated remains to Wisconsin in May/June 2014.  That will be quite a trip to plan around everyone's schedule.  And at times it is not one I am ready to undertake.  Some days I would rather just not go at all.   But I imagine everything will fall into place at the right time.

And last but not least,  Sluggy is having another great giveaway.  I have been a lucky winner of one of these boxes and there is so much stuff in there that it will blow your mind!  Enter daily and win~

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