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Linen Closet: Before and After

My linen closet "collects" a lot of stuff. Yesterday, I emptied it out and sorted through the contents.


Here are the before and after results.





I still held on to a lot of the blankets. Probably more than I needed to.


I have a bag to donate filled with sheets, and gently used shower curtains. I also have a bag of stuff to throw out.


All in all, I feel much better now that another mini project is completed.



Lisa Richardson said...

Looks like the dog enjoyed your project too. :)

Lisa Richardson said...

That looks great! Now want to come help me with my basement? LOL! http://www.myhousemyrules.com/my-disaster-of-a-basement/

Lisa Richardson said...

Princess supervises most of my projects!

Lisa Richardson said...

Hi Denise, I still have three more closets to go through :-)