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Emergency Fund Update

A quick update, I received a 100.00 dollars from Bank of Americafor opening a checking account. It was a reward for opening a checking account using a code (here is the code) which expires on December 31, 06.

I was a little concerned that I would not get the reward as it did take about 2 months to deposit into the account. It definitely was a nice surprise! Anyway, the 100.00 dollars plus the automatic transfer of 30.00 from checking is being added to the Emergency Fund. Grand Total is $3966.00!! Roughly 21% away from my current goal of $5000.00!!

You might wonder if I do use the checking account, and I currently do. I keep the rent money the kids pay me and stash it seperate from the "house" money. The rent money is for my tuition. Just easier to keep track of.

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