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Time Off

Before and After Pictures

I am taking the week off before I start my new job. I thought it would be a time of rest and relaxation. I was mistaken.

Yesterday was a day of work and no rest. Hubby and I are redoing the backyard landscaping. We went to the rock yard and over the course of three trips we picked up 3 tons of large river rock and added it to the back of the house as a three foot border. It looks nice but It was a heck of a lot of work shoveling it out of the truck. I am feeling it in my back and arms.

The rock was about 80 dollars a ton, so there went 240 dollars. I have to move some money around to cover that.

Next, we went to the landscape yard and picked up 3 Yards (one big truck load ) of large pine bark mulch. This is for the driveway that is use to park all the cars of the other family members that are staying with us. The pine bark mulch is about 20 dollars a yard so we spent about 60 dollars for that. The mulch was easy to move off of the truck compared to the Rocks!

Big money being spent yesterday. Not to mention the gas and tolls and oh yea, lunch at Arby's. Sigh..... Yesterday I was beat! Still a little pooped this morning. So. total amount spent yesterday would be about 340.00. But the labor was free!! :)


lndsymaria said...

It looks really nice! Great job!

Missy said...

Thank you!