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Due to a quick change in jobs I am having to make adjustments to my budget. When I took time off between the quick job change, I cashed in my PTO (Paid Time Off) which was close to 70 hours. Luckily I did not recklessly spend the money and saved it like it was a paycheck. Whew!

I should also have a paycheck from the brief stint at the new job (that only lasted 3 days) arriving this week. And on my next paycheck from the job I currently have ( but left to try the new job) I will only have a week's worth of pay due to the pay cycle.

So the good news is I will have regular paychecks starting the first of March. March is a month that I will be getting 3 paychecks! This should help me replenish my budget and will help me get a month ahead which is the purpose of YNAB. I found this system of budgeting over at "Life Goes On..." . Maria has had success with the system and I am still tweaking it, as I find that I have not really been honest with myself in how much I really spend.

It is an eyeopener to actually track your money on a monthly basis.


Maria said...

I was wondering how you were handling the switch in jobs budget wise.

If you decide to go with the one month buffer, you'll find that the third paycheck month's turn into COMPLETELY FREE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH paychecks.

YNAB has been the only system that I have ever found that actually makes use of the third paycheck and it has been a life saver for me.

I plan on using my third paycheck months for debt payoff, at least 80% of them.

Missy said...

By the end of March I am hoping to edn up with the one month buffer. Depending on the tax refund and how we spend and or save it, I hope that part of it will become my buffer.

So by the next three payday month I will have the bonus check to do what ever I want :)