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Emergency Fund Update

Well it has been awhile since I updated the Emergency Fund. As I have mentioned before the progress has slowed down a bit for a variety of reasons. But I am making a deposit this morning and I wanted to post the new total.

Today I will be adding 75 dollars. 50 dollars is from the Bank of America Financial Rewards Credit Card. I have gone back to using this card due to the fact that BOA Financial Rewards is giving 5% on Grocery and Gas. ( More about that later) Previously I was using One from American Express which still has a reward balance of about 80 dollars. The balance is earning 5% interest so I am okay leaving it there for now.

I also received 35 dollars cash from work. I guess you could call it a late Christmas bonus of sorts. The company has a yearly Christmas Party but it is held at the managing Doctor's home every year. Apparently the corporate office was reimbursing him for holding the party this year and for whatever reason he refused the compensation. (It was an awesome party, and I can't wait for this year's party!)

Since he refused, our site manager took the check and cashed it. She the split it amongst all the employees at the site, so there you go.

The total was 85 dollars, but I tithed 10 dollars to church and the rest goes to the Emergency Fund. Previously the total was 4151.00 dollars. After today's addition the grand total will be 4226.00 dollars. If you will recall my new goal for this year is 7000.00 dollars. Still have a ways to go. But I am proud of the amount I currently have.

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