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Emergency Fund Up Date

I wanted to keep myself accountable and post the total to date for emergency savings. Actually a better title ( at least for me) would be "peace of mind" fund.

As of today the Peace of Mind fund is at 4711.00 dollars
In addition I have a 6 month CD at Emigrant for 1021.00 dollars. I know I dont exactly have immediate access to the CD but I do count it as part of my Peace of Mind fund.

Grand Total is 5732.00 dollars. A fair amount but I need to continue to add and make it Grow!!

Reflecting on my Goals for 2007 I am within range of the 7000.00 dollar amount for long term savings. As I read through my goals I can already see a need to revist and possibley revise a few of them. Stuff for a new post!

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