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The Latest Purchase.....


I have 3 grown children, and six step grandchildren. The grand kids are truly wonderful and I love them dearly. But I am feeling maternal and really want biological grandchildren. Selfish?? Probably. But honest.

Each grown child is at a stage that is not conducive to me getting what I want. One is going through a long painful separation/divorce. The middle is married to an older woman ( I love her dearly) with 5 kids. Will he have children with her? I don't know. My daughter is married and is a full time nursing student. She has no time for starting a family yet.

So what about me? Well, I have added to our family with the purchase of Papillion puppy.
She is adorable and melts your heart.

She also is quite like having a baby in the house again. Early mornings to walk her, coming home for lunch to let her out to potty.....

The demands are many but the returns are even more.

What it boils down to is that you need to be careful for what you wish for!!

The puppy was a gift, but of course the accessories are going to be another catagory in my budget.

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