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I have the opportunity to work with students as they rotate through my site. The student will spend about 3 weeks with me and we will work on their skills and patient interaction. The particular student I have this rotation is truly a joy and I know she will do well when she graduates.

During the course of conversation last week, I had the opportunity to share with her my thoughts on tithing. When I told her that I believe in tithing and that I actually tithe 10% of my income to the church, she was shocked. She thought that was a lot of money to be giving to the church!

I told her of my times of financial difficulty when I did not tithe. I explained that there were many, many times that I knew there was no way that I could afford to "give' that much to the church.

But then I also told her that when I did not tithe, I always noticed that there was NEVER enough money to meet the bills and unexpected expenses were always popping up. These unexpected expenses usually had to be charged because I never had the cash.

Now, I explained to her, I always seem to have enough. My needs are always met and I am at peace. This was a great lesson for me to get my joy back and become the "cheerful" giver that I should be!

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