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What Happened???

I don't know how I did it. But somehow I managed to DOUBLE PAY my electric bill this month. How does that happen?? I was shocked to see the amount due next month is only 40.00 dollars. Jeepers, how I wish that was my amount due EACH and EVERY month.

I imaging it occured when I did not have computer access for a week in late September. I was changing the internet/cable over from my son-in-law's name to mine. He and my daughter moved out and he took the employee discounted cable/internet with him. No biggie, except I did not have access to my online Banking. I don't keep a checkbook register ( the above is a very good reason why I should) and I have usually kept track of my balance by checking my bank account each morning.

Well, there you go. I now know why I was feeling a little "pinched" right before this upcoming payday.

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