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A Busy Weekend and $20 Challenge

Yesterday was a day that I thought I would get a lot done around the house. I wanted to clean and catch up on was and pack for the trip next week. Those were my plans, Not the plans of my husband. Little did I know that my youngest son (the electrician) was coming down from his home which is about an hour away. He was coming to give my husband a hand with re-drywalling the garage.

So with my son come 3 of my 6 grandchildren. Needless to say, my previous plans were history. I decided to take them to the movies to see the Game Plan with "The Rock". It was hilarious. We all really enjoyed it. After that, I had choir practice and my son and his family went to an anniversary party for friends.

So today I am trying to get my stuff done. Its rainy and yucky. So I really want to take a nap!!
$20 Challenge

In the washer today I found 16 dollars!! While out at the movies I did find a penny. And on Friday I found a dollar. Total $17.01
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