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I Had Such Hope

I received a phone call from my oldest son this morning. " Mom... She is 10 days late....... Oh Oh!!!! " Now my son is 29, married and currently separated. He has a girlfriend ( who is 10 days late). Yes, it is a bit of a mess. It's his mess and he has to clean it up sooner or later. Anyway,,, the girlfriend is 10 days late. My son is soooo excited and I am sooooo excited as well. It could have happened when things were less of a mess, but what are you going to do! (This would be the first biological grandchild!) The news changed my whole morning for the better!! The excitement of the news had me planning what to buy for the baby, the baby's room and so on!! I just could not stop smiling!!

About an hour later my son texted me on the cell phone, "Negative Preg. Test. FALSE ALARM." I just can't tell you how disappointed I am. I really wanted her to be pregnant. A little selfish, I know.

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