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CVS Saturday Savings

Went to CVS this morning to get the Pepsi and Frito Lay deal. This is what I purchased:

(3)12 packs of diet Pepsi. 10.00 dollars
(4) Bag of Lays Chips 12.00 dollars
22.00 dollars

I used a 3/15 coupon
I used 5.oo dollars ECB.s -8.00 dollars Also, I found the rebate for 15.00 dollars in coupons, so if you count the future coupons I made .87 cents!
OOP was 14.13

But I did get 10.00 dollars in ECB in return.

Then I purchased Scott 12 pak of TP 6.49 on sale save 3.50
Tide 50 oz 4.99 on sale save 3.00
Downy 34 oz 3.50 on sale save 2.89
with tax 15.11

Then I used a 3/15 coupon
and the 10.00 in ECBs - 13.00 dollars sale savings were 9.39 total 22.39 saved
OOP was 2.11


Jennifer said...

Way to go!! I have 6 12 packs to show for my deals so they basically paid me to take the soda out of the store,LOL!!

Lisa said...

Hi Jen,

I checked your Saturday savings and you did great at CVS!!