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More random thoughts. Ready? Here we go! Thought one: Family Reunion. Tomorrow is the last day for RSVP's. So far we have about 35 members that are attending. 10 members are unable to attend. That leaves about 35-40 unaccounted for. So far.

Thought two: Family Reunion. Awkward moments... I have not seen these people in about 15 years. How do you pick up from the past? What to talk about when you run out of commonalities? Should be interesting. I am bringing my 3 grown children for back-up :) They can be very entertaining.

Thought three: Ebay. Considering an Ebay Store. Pondering..... A Rubber Stamp store? Maybe.
Any Stampers out there? What is your current level of interest in your stamping supplies?

Thought four: Sunday School/ Church tomorrow. gotta get up early.

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