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Living On One Paycheck

We are adjusting to a one income lifestyle with little difficulty. Okay..hubs still is receiving unemployment which is covering the house payment. that is a definite help but all other expenses are depending on my income. praise the Lord for my job!!

It is a learning process to think a lot more about pending purchases. Before I would more than likely just buy what I wanted.( I am a lifetime impulse shopper!!!) Now....I analyze the purchase. Do I NEED it or do I WANT it? How will it benefit me and or my husband in the long run?

Right now I am analyzing the need for a laptop computer. Now initially it might sound like a frivolous want as opposed to a need. But a laptop will be of great use to me in my online studies. I could use the laptop at work during down times to check on assignments and also check on my students in the online class I am interning. My manager is okay with this as long as I use good judgement and not ignore my job duties.

I will have shop around for the best deal for me, What I really have to do is figure out what I need in a laptop and then shop for the best deal. I am able to get a little overtime from work so I will be able to cover the cost of the laptop by the time I decide which one will work best for me. At least that is the plan!!


Paula said...


I completely understand. My husband was downsized twice in the past two years and I was so thankful for my job at the time. Now he is working and I got downsized. Frustrating but we all do what we have to in times of need. It can be hard to push that want verses need on the back burner but it makes for a better person anyway. We had the same thoughts on the laptop and we did get one which has helped a lot with my college courses as well. Good Luck.

Paula @ savingmoney101.blogspot.com

Lisa said...

Hi Paula

Thanks for sharing your very similar experiences! You have definitely encouraged me.