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14 Weeks Until Christmas!!

Does it seem possible that Christmas is only 14 weeks away?? The holidays will be here before you or I will realize it!

In order to get ready I will start my gift giving list. I have 6 grandchildren to shop for. Next month I will take the oldest granddaughter (she is 17) to the mall and with her help and insight, I am able to buy what her 4 siblings will like AND it will be size appropriate. I do have some smaller items such as lip glosses and socks put to the side that were purchased on clearance that I will add to their presents. My other grandchild, a teenage boy of 14 yrs will be getting either clothes or a gift card to a video game store. I have budgeted approximately 30 dollars per grandchild. We have a "Christmas Club" this year so our Christmas shopping will not directly impact our budget.
My own kids and their spouses will be getting gift cards. Maybe it is a cop out but I think this way they are able to get what they want. They will let me know what store they want the gift card from. I do throw in socks and underwear. Too Practical???
My parents..... they have everything and do not really want anything. My dad is happy with a gift card from Walmart... and my mom she likes her split up amongst different stores.

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