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Seven Paychecks Until Christmas!

Yes, there is ONLY seven paychecks until Christmas. Wow.... that definitely puts things into a financial perspective. Seven paychecks OR 15 weeks either way,Christmas will be here before you know it.

  • If you have not yet put away any money for your Christmas shopping now might be the time for you to consider putting back a little each pay period. You can decide on a designated amount each paycheck that you have left this year and put it away for your Christmas shopping.

  • Maybe you just can't squeeze any more out of your budget; consider holding a garage sale to get rid of those things you no longer need or use to provide extra cash for your holiday shopping. Garage sales are excellent ways to clean out your current clutter and make room for this year's gifts from your family.

  • If you don't have the time nor flexibility for a garage sale consider listing items on Craig's List or eBay. Craig's List makes it easy for you to get rid of larger items that you have. For instance, I will be listing a piece of exercise equipment this weekend. (It is practically brand new...... definitely from lack of use ). Ebay is an option for smaller items. You just neve know what people will want to buy.

  • Maybe you are the type that bakes up a storm and has particular signature or holiday dessert cake that others really love. You can start taking orders in advance making sure to price where you will be making a profit.... And you can shop wisely for the ingredients that you will need for this endeavor.
  • So.. what about you?? Are you planning ahead for Christmas? What are you doing to save for the holidays? Let us know!!

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