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Updating Stockpile

I have to say that I am certainly blessed to have a more than adequate stockpile of Health and Beauty products. Is 30+ tubes of toothpaste too many?? Some might think so. Heck... I kinda think so. But it does not go to waste. The surplus is a bonus for my grown kids and their families. Lets talk shampoo.... I have bunches of that too. Not to mention dish liquid and dishwasher tablets. Again this surplus benefits the kids as well.

What I need to find time for is building a stockpile for actual "food". Edible. This will require more of a commitment of my time and energy. I definitely will have to be more vigilant in clipping coupons and checking out the ads. The savings will be worth it....

In the past, I have stockpiled some food items... but for the most part that has been soda... and processed food. This is what I need to change. Less soda and less processed foods.


Roxanne said...

I was thinking the same thing today.i have lots of toothpaste and shampoo,but not much food.I have to get a little more organized and take better advantage of the sales,coupons and rebates.It's just so easy to get the CVS,WGs & Rite Aid deals.I haven't been able to get as much shopping in lately because I haven't felt well,but that's all the more reason to get a food stockpile,so when I have a week that I just can't get out much,I'll still have plenty here at home.

Paula said...

Lisa, I just posted a similar type thing on my blog. I talked about passing up on some deals because you are so well stocked and how hard it is to pass that deal over but how many toothpastes and such can you really have? smile. I totally agree about the food part. I try really hard to pick up on those deals for the things my family uses all the time. I have a great stock of peanut butter, ragu, rice and pasta. I would like to start the fruits and frozen veggies as well. Its wells worth that effort.


Lisa said...

Roxanne~~ It is easy to get caught up in the frenzy and fun of getting items for free from CVS, Wags and so on.... but I am with you. I need to get more focused.

Paula~~It is difficult to pass up the GREAT deals...Glad to know I am not the only one that has to focus on the more healthy food items for their stockpile!!
Thanks for stopping by guys!