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Halloween Clearance

Yesterday my daughter and I went shopping for halloween/fall decorations figuring most stores would have them on clearance.

We went to five different CVS stores that are within 6 miles of my house. Two of the stores had a lot to choose from. But each store had a different mark down price. Store A was only marked down to 75 percent off. Store B was marked down to 90 percent off. We were able to get some pretty fall wreaths, ceramic pumpkins, and a couple of costumes for our own Halloween party next year.

The other three stores were pretty well picked over, Not much luck with these stores.

We then went to Wal Mart. They were only marking down to 50 percent off. Not a lot to choose from.

Super Target was our last stop. They were marking down to 50 percent off, But they still had a lot of cute stuff left over. We each spent about 20 dollars.

Still have one more CVS to check out at lunch time. You never know what you will find!

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