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More Rumors

This week at work has been a time of transition and patience. The new owners have their staff in all three of our facilities helping us to become familiar with the new way (their way) to do patient paperwork, the scheduling program and all that goes with it. The girls that work the front desk are definitely overwhelmed with the new information. They do not have the luxury of just learning the new system, they also are still using the previous system to handle patients that are already on the schedule. I admire their patience through out this whole process.

The new owners stated that a benefit coordinator will be here to explain more about the 401k that we will be able to participate in. Rumor has it that it has matching !! Matching would be a definite plus for all of us.

We are one week into the change, and so far it has gone smoothly. Of course, later on down the road, the new owners might see changes that they would like to make.... We will just have to wait and see.

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Kristen said...

I hope you have 401k matching! I've never worked for a company that offer it but what a great benefit for you. Make sure to max it out!!