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February Goals

Can you believe that January is done? The month certainly has gone by very quickly. My goals for February are pretty much the same as they were for January. The budget is going to have to be very flexible this month. Since the change in insurance (due to a company buyout) I will definitely be paying more... but right now I do not know what my net pay will be. The next paycheck will be a combo of two checks... one from the old owners and one from the new owners.

Monday, all centers are going to be on the "new" system. This will mean big headaches for the front office staff and I am sure It will affect the technologists as well but not to the same degree. The rumors are still flying.. schedule changes... sending you home if your schedule has no patients... We shall see how it all pans out.

I will be filing my taxes soon, and usually we get a refund of some size. If the same is true for this year.. we will be paying down hubs credit card.

But for now.. my goals for February are to be flexible,, watch where the money is going.. and just wait until the dust settles a little bit at work.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I cannot believe Feb is here either! I could definitely stand to be a little more flexible. :)