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Passive Income

Just when you think everyone on the planet has an ING account, It happens that there was actually one person at work who did not. My unsuspecting co-worker did not even know about ING or how easy it was to use. ( I love the sub-accounts!!) I could see that Justin was entertaining the thought of opening an ING account for some of his family's tax refund to be used at a later date.

Justin was convinced that the ING account was a pretty darn good idea and he gave me his E mail address and I the excitement was building as I was sooooooo close to earning my first refferal fee for signing up a new customer.... Talk about :::::::GooseBumps:::::: !!

It only took a few minutes for me to sign on to my ING account and enter his name and Email address and Justin received his invitation to open his account. Since Justin opened his account with at least 250.00 he received an instant 25.00 dollar credit for being a new customer!!
I also received 10.00 dollars for referring him!

What a sweet deal for both of us!

If you do not yet have an ING account... Email me (WayRich14 at aol dot com) and I will be happy to send you a refferal e mail too!


Craig said...

I have heard the rates just dropped even more, the rates are less than my bank, but still thinking about opening one up.

jennwa said...

Wow, that is a great deal. I love getting money without having to do a lot.

Tara said...

We have thought about opening an ING account for years now just haven't done so.. It is so scary now with the economy.. you never know where to put your money where.. Thanks for the post.. I think I'll pass this info along to my husband!

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