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Weekend Update

This week has been so hectic. I am sure that is the same for everyone else too, but the pretty weather we are experiencing here in Central Florida keeps me outside until the very last second of daylight. Work is a never ending adventure. People are still looking for other jobs or just outright retiring. I guess they are not pleased with the way the new owners are taking care of things.

My hours are still reduced to about 32 hours a week. If other techs do get new jobs, I am hoping to see an increase in my hours very soon. I myself am not looking for a new job. I want to give this new situation and new owners a chance to succeed. Truth be told.. there are just no jobs out there right now. At least not full time.

I am amazed that I have not eaten out this whole week. There surely was a time when I ate out practically everyday.. sometimes twice a day. I guess at that time I felt that since I am working (before cut in pay and now cut in hours and before hubs was laid off) I had and endless supply of money coming in! Well, that has certainly changed, hasn't it?

The reduction in income has definitely been a good eyeopener to how I was spending my money. Everyday I look for the best bargain.... in the grocery store ads... at the clearance racks... (red stickers are my friend) and I am not ashamed to say that If I see an item on the side of the road that another person is putting out to the trash and I can reuse or recycle it... I will stop and pick it up. Before.... that would have never happened.

But... by reading all of the thrifty blogs out there, I have learned how to shop better, decorate frugally and do with out things that I previously though I could not live without.

This weekend, I and my best friend are going shopping for my daughter's baby shower. You can bet we will be hitting all of our local Dollar Tree stores!

Through it all, I know that God is watching over me and that He will get me through these trying times. Each day is a gift and I thank Him for it.

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