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Strawberry Freezer Jam, So Easy!

The strawberries are ripe and ready for pickin! Okay... I so I did not pick any of these luscious strawberries... but Publix had a great deal on them... so I did the next best thing, I bought them!

I then commenced to prepping the beautiful berries.....smashing the juicy berries with my trusty potato masher as recommended by the directions in the "Sure-Jell" box.

The berries are still a pretty red... So after the berries were mashed and smashed.. I added the required amount of sugar and water... brought the water and sugar to a soft boil and added the berries. And that is it! Simple,, delicious strawberry freezer jam. I will be making another batch very soon. I just do not think that the three jars will get me through the rest of the year.

Yep... will definitely be heading back to Publix for more berries.
The cost for the berries was 5.00 for three containers. The Sure Jel was about 2.50 dollars and then there was the sugar... I figured I used about half a bag... so 1.50 .. give or take. The jars I already had on hand.
Sure jel...has great recipes included in the box.


Paula said...

This brings back so many memories! I grew up on this jam, I never even knew you got jam at the store in my house you just went to the freezer. Every summer my dad (sometimes he would force us kids) to pick berries for hours and mom would spend a weekend putting up the berries for the year. My grandmother and aunt made it too so we always had the same jam no matter where we went. Yummy. It does have sugar in it but it tastes so good.

Lisa said...

My aunt in Wisconsin always made this jam. I would have her overnight it to me because I thought no one else could make jam like her. Little did I know how easy it was!

They also have a recipe that uses less sugar and one using just splenda that I might try next.

Anonymous said...

So, what about the freezer, can you put in containers and freeze? These look like canning jars to me, and I hate canning!

Lisa said...

Hi Marylin...

You can put the jam in any container... I just happen to have the canning jars on hand.

Coco said...

Sounds great!! Definitely trying this one when I find great deals on strawberries. The color of your strawberry jams is beautiful. I always end up with wine-red jams. Any tips?