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Getting Back to Basics

I have not paid much attention to this blog over the last few months. In fact... it has been since Nov 2009 since I last posted. Why is that? Well, I was very busy with Ebay! I saw Ebay as a way to help me pay for my online classes at the local university. If you have not noticed, tuition has gone through the roof!

Once I saw that I could successfully sell some items I no longer needed or wanted, I was hooked. The thrift stores were my second home... I was looking for great inexpensive treasures to sell on Ebay! At the peak of my Ebay business I had an Ebay store with close to 300 listings. 300 might not seem like a lot, but you have to remember I work a full time job and go to school part time.

Needless to say, I was very busy with Ebay, shopping for inventory, taking pictures of inventory, and writing/posting listings on Ebay. Then after the items sold, there was the packing of the items, and getting them in the mail. Exhausting!

I did manage to earn enough money to pay for one class. And I am on my way to paying for a second class for next semester. As of now, I am just listing a few items at a time. I was beginning to get overwhelmed with the Ebay store, work and school. I closed the Ebay store and now list about 20 items or so every other week.

My sales are down, but my stress level is down too. Will I continue to sell on Ebay? Yes. And I may even get back to having an Ebay store in the future, but for now I am okay with how things are.

Waht are your Ebay experiences?

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