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Laptop Gave up the Ghost

Last weekend my two year old laptop HP died.  It gave up the ghost. It is now a huge worthless paperweight.  It would not boot up, so I took it to Best Buy to let the geek squad look at it.  Their impression:  The Motherboard is out of commission, and you might as well buy another computer because it will cost you just as much.  At first I was mad, but after a week of thinking about it and learning to accept it I just decided to accrue enough cas to buy another one.  I could every easily go and CHARGE one on my credit card, but I am going to try like heck not to do that.  I have a 10 year old desk top that I can use.  It is soooooo slow, but it beats nothing!  I also can blog from my iphone.  So it's not like I am totally without any accessibility to the internet.  But I am really going to miss my laptop!  Anybody want to buy an over sized paperweight?   For cheap??? 

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