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Spending Less and Living More

I have decided to join in with Sharon at Musings From a MidLife Mom in her journey to "Spend Less and Live More this Year".  I will calculate my monthly budget for October and make a conscious effort to reduce my spending.  (I try to do this every month).  But now, I will be accountable to those who follow my blog.

Payday is Friday for both me and my spouse.  He gets paid weekly and I get paid bi-weekly.  For the most part, he is responsible for the mortgage and paying off his credit card.  My income is higher, and I am resposnible for the rest of the bills.  My paycheck this week will be paying the bulk of our monthly bills.  This includes car insurance, Cell phone, house phone, MY credit card and my gym membership.

I will update the actual numbers before the end of the week and post a copy of my budget and my goals for this month.

1 comment:

jpkittie said...

good for you! i am excited to see your goals & root for you along the way :)