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Skipped Starbucks This Morning

Three mornings a week ( at least ) I get up extremely early and head to the gym. I have been working with a personal trainer for about 4 weeks and meeting with him twice a week. I scheduled a 5:30 AM workout which allows me enough time to get ready for work.

Just a side note, the personal trainer WAS an impulsive decision. Had I not had my credit card in my wallet, I would not be able to make such a purchase. All the more reason to leave my credit card at home.

After the morning workout, I usually treat myself to a Starbucks Carmel Machiato and a bowl if oatmeal. Again, paid for by credit. Today, I skipped Starbucks and went to Publix to get a small bottle of creamer that I can keep at work. It was only 2.00 dollars and I paid cash. I brought oatmeal from home and found it just as tasty as Starbucks.

Have a great Wednesday!
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Anonymous said...

Oh, yae! I found you again! Welcome back!

Lisa said...

Thanks Marilyn!!

Jane said...

Good plan! That's a great way to cut back - you can save so much by taking your own breakfast with you. My partner used to work at Starbucks so he thinks their coffee etc is superior to anyone else's but I'm still a big fan of Tim Horton's at half the price:) 99.9% of the time though I make a pot of coffee at work and my staff and I take turns buying coffee beans. I keep a container of Silk soy coffee "cream" at work and I'm all set.
I've also joined the "Spend Consciously for a Year" challenge and loving it so far.

Lisa said...

Hi Jane!
You are right! Bringing breakfast from home is so much cheaper that buying from Starbucks. I am getting better at it :)

I look forward to following your progress to "Spend Consciously" this year, it looks like you are already on a great track for success!