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Saturday Morning

I love getting up early on Saturday Morning and having the house to myself.  Many of you enjoy your time alone in your home too.  It is peaceful and a time to gather my thoughts and reflect on the previous week.

Since my children are grown and most have families of their own, we have had a tradition of celebrating major holidays the weekend before.  This way, my kids can enjoy the actual  holiday at their home with their families.  It just saves us all the aggravation of arranging to get together with everyone, working around the schedules of the step grand kids, meal times, all in one day

When our kids were little, I almost dreaded the holidays, especially Christmas.  Deep down I wanted to just stay home and enjoy the holiday with my family.  Instead, we would get up early and open presents,( after being up most of the evening helping "Santa") and then travel to my mom's house to open presents and eat Christmas Dinner... and then get the car loaded up with gifts and kids and go to my mother-in-laws house to do it all over again.  By the end of the day, we were all tired, overwhelmed and miserably stuffed with two Christmas dinners!

By celebrating the holiday the weekend before, we can enjoy our time together with out rushing around like crazy people, and when the actual holiday is here, my husband and I can take it easy and do what ever we want.  Go to the beach, movies, or go around and visit the kids.... if we want too.  We have done this for about the last 10 years or so and we all as a family love it.  No guilt at Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Today, I will be having Thanksgiving at my house for my family.  Since I was not sure if my oldest son J was going to be here or in jail, I decided not to cook but to cater it.  I just could not fix a traditional dinner with the favorite dishes of J and take the chance that he would not be here. I know I would be a mess all day and it would just plain suck.  Sooo...... I am having BBQ, which will include turkey and all the fixings.  It will be provided by a local restaurant.  Everything will be provided, right down to the plates and cups!  My mom is splitting the bill with me so the cost will not be bad at all.  We will have 12 guests and my son J will be here.  I am thrilled and am looking forward to seeing all my family together today.

We have not heard officially when J's warrant will be issued, but for now he is here and we will make the best of today.  It is what it is... and I am okay with the situation now.  Thanks to all of you who have supported me during this stressful time.  You guys rock!

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jpkittie said...

I hope you enjoy your holiday today!!!! That sounds like such a great idea ;)

Jane said...

What a brilliant compromise - creates a win/win situation for everyone involved. I'm going to remember that when my DD leaves home and starts her own family:) The catering will give you a chance to relax and enjoy the day - Happy Thanksgiving!

Maureen said...

I,m going to join you with this idea, especially this year as my Daughter and Family are going to be away Christmas Day and I know she is feeling guilty about it.

Sharon said...

I'm so glad you will have your WHOLE family there..Enjoy the day! And lucky you, you don't have to cook!! :)!

FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

Enjoy! :)

Maureen said...

I,m going to join you with this idea, especially this year as my Daughter and Family are going to be away Christmas Day and I know she is feeling guilty about it.