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YAKEZIE Challenge Update

 It has been almost two months since I joined the YAKEZIE Challenge. In early October, when I downloaded the ALEXA toolbar, my ALEXA ranking was 6,197,000.   Then about three week later, I purchased my domain name and when I did that my ALEXA ranking was at 22,000,000 (which is awful).  Over the last month, Cents To Save.com has fallen below 1,000,000 in ALEXA ranking (which is great!).

I am currently at about 937,000 in my ALEXA ranking and am striving to reach 500,000 within the next two months.   The YAKEZIE network is comprised of wonderful bloggers from all walks of life that work together to grow each others blog.  When you go to the forums and ask questions, there is always someone there to lend a helping hand.  You will just be amazed at the support from this very strong and giving network.

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Aloysa said...

Huge, huge accomplishment! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy it and celebrate. You are doing great! And I am grateful that I got to know you though blogging.

Financial Samurai said...

Great progress! I like how your Alexa ranking chart looks like a launch ramp! :) Thanks for your generous donation to the Scholarship fund!