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Saturday Morning

Another busy weekend is ahead.  Last night, our grandson spent the night.  In fact, he is still sleeping so I am able to get some chores done around the house.  When he gets up, all that changes... it will be all about him :)

House Update:  There has been no news (good or bad) on the progress of the new home purchase.  It is definitely early on in the process, but as long as things are quiet, I think that is a good thing.  I did have to submit some brief letters of explanation regarding reasons for making the new home our primary residence, explanation of my husband's layoff awhile back, and the change of ownership at my employment.   We will be renting out our current home when the sale goes through.  As the market gets better, we will sell it.

 Son Update:  J spoke to his public defender regarding one of his pending court dates.  The public defender said he will probably have to do 60 days in jail. Upsetting news at the time, but I guess we all can accept that and move on.  His court date for that will be December 20.  We as a family will be celebrating Christmas on December 18th, before he goes to court.  That is nothing out of the ordinary for us, we usually celebrate major holidays the weekend before.

Later on today, I will be going to Universal Studios with friends to see Mannheim Steamroller in concert.  I am looking forward to this, should be lots of fun.  The cost will be zero to get in as my friends work at Universal and always have lots of extra tickets.  I will buy them dinner to show them my appreciation.

Christmas Shopping Update:   Still working on it. I have bought nothing.  Nothing like waiting to the last minute! 

Budget Update:  Notice I save this until last.......  I have just started using Mint Free Financial Planning Software.  This has taken some time to get use to, but I do like it thus far.  It allows me to "tag" where all my money is and where it is going.  I will keep you posted on this to let you know how I like it.

The grandson is starting to wake up!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Jane said...

Enjoy your day too Lisa! Sounds like you have a great one planned. I'm not ready at all for christmas either. But I start holidays on the 17th so will have a full week before Christmas day to shop, bake and clean. I prefer to shop on weekdays, very early, to avoid the crowds. I don't have to buy much anyway.
Still keeping my fingers crossed for you...

Maureen said...

The joy of having a Grandchild sleep over, nothing to beat those I,m not quite awake yet cuddles. My 20 month old Granddaughter told me yesterday without any prompting " I love you Granny " melted my heart.
About half way there with the presents, but food shopping will be last minute as we are not quite sure when and if we will all be able to find a date when we can all get together.

It might be the 18th like yours, thinking of your family, at this time.

Sharon said...

I realized I still have half my shopping to go, and I'm panicked as most of what I still need to get needs to be shipped out. Today I wrapped presents and realized I'm a bit behind than most years.
We are celebrating an early Christmas with my daughter and her husband on the 20th, as they will be going to her inlaws for Christmas. Celebrating early can be fun, too.

Hopefully 60 days will go by fast for your son, and you. Glad you are enjoying your grandson!

Evan @ My Journey to Millions said...


I am new to your site...what happened with your son?

Evan @ My Journey to Millions said...


I am new to your site...what happened with your son?