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Happy Friday

Yesterday afternoon, I went to have my eyes checked.  I thought my vision was getting worse and since I did have Lasik Eye Surgery in 2003, I needed to get them checked out.  The Lasik was the best thing I have every done, and would do it again in a heartbeat.  I had worn glasses since fourth grade, without corrective lenses, I was blind as a bat. 

The eye exam went well, The doc said my eyes are healthy.  My vision has not changed too much and there is room for a corrective enhancement.  My biggest concern is night time driving.  If I am driving at night in unfamiliar areas, I can't see the street signs that well.  I may have to get glasses for night time driving, as the corrective enhancement would not help that.  Definitely a lot to think about. 

 It is not payday for me today, so I don't have a lot of plans for the weekend.  Just the usual which is to catch up on the housework, yard work and sneak away to the beach Sunday morning. And a nap.  I always look forward to a Sunday Afternoon nap.

Hope you all have a great Friday!

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Steve Finnell said...

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Dave@50plusfinance said...

Happy Friday to you. I worry they could mess up on the Lasik treatment. I like a good nap too.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the time at the beach!

Suba said...

I have been putting off a LASIK treatment myself. Would love to get it done, but no one would give me an estimate on how much it will cost. I have to go get a first treatment or something... Hopefully next year I will have enough in my FSA to pay for this.

Happy Friday to you too!

Jane said...

I would love to get lasik done and I got my glasses in grade 4 also! Felt like quite the geek I must say. Ooooooh I wish I could go to the beach with you!!! Enjoy!

Money Reasons said...

My daughter wears glasses, and I've been wondering about that surgery.

Maybe when she is 15 or so, I'll give her that option. I wonder if it's a good idea to get such a surgery when the person is so young...

Lulu said...

I had my LASIK done from Dr. Boothe in Plano, TX in 2007 and it cost $3400. He accepts Care Credit...which gives you a credit card that gives you 2-3 years of 0% financing to pay off the bill and I paid mine in slightly under 2 years.

I am happy I did the procedure because I too was nearly blind without glasses or contacts.

I am not sure I would od it again if my vision got worse because it was a very scary operation for me.

Dave@50plusfinance said...

Happy Friday to you. I worry they could mess up on the Lasik treatment. I like a good nap too.