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A Quiet Morning

Sunrise at Cocoa Beach

Happy Saturday!  I is a peaceful morning, the sun is out and the birds are chirping. I did finish most of my housework last night, so today is pretty much open.  A co-worker and myself are going to stop by a close friend's house to day for a visit.  Her mom is ill with Multiple Myleoma and Hospice has been called in.  We are going to be picking up some food for the family and give love and hugs to our friend and her family.    Do you have any suggestions on what kind of food to take?  What else would be appropriate?

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Jane said...

Your physical presence and support are the best gifts you can give. Are they able to freeze food? I've known of families who get so much food that a lot goes to waste but if they can freeze and took out as needed then a freezeable casserole or something would be just the ticket. Do you have any idea what they have received so far? There are a lot of wonderful gift baskets that contain non-perishable items like teas and coffeess, biscuits, cookies etc, cheese and so on. Something that won't spoil too quickly.
I listened to a radio talk show a few days ago about a similar topic and the host said that one of the best things you can do is share an anecdote or memory of time spent with the loved one - it builds memories for the ones that will be left behind.
Thinking of you:)

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Thanks Jane! Great Suggestions!!

jpkittie said...

how sweet --- sending positive thoughts your way

if you make a dish - you could always send along with it a gift card for eating out ???

Jessica07 said...

That was such a bittersweet post. :)

I think Jane is absolutely right. Just being there and being supportive, along with sharing any memories (even of those of your friend that don't include her mom). The smile will be worth more than any dish you could bring.

That being said, I like people who bring crackers and cheese. Even if the cheese goes bad, you can pack those crackers away for when you get an upset tummy or just get the munchies. ;)