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No Shortage of Fun

The stuff with the Short Sale house is ongoing.  Just yesterday, I received a call from the mortgage broker saying that he cannot get a Verification of Employment from my husband's job.  They had called his employer twice on Friday to fax back the information.  As of yesterday afternoon, it was not at the mortgage brokers.  My husband's boss tried to fax it to the Mortgage broker yesterday too, but they never got it.  After about a million phone calls between me, my husband, his employer, the mortgage people, I asked my boss if I could clock out and go and  get the Verification of Employment and fax it from my work.  She was fine with that, and in about 30 minutes, I clocked out, jumped in my car, drove to my husband's work, picked up the information and returned back to work and faxed the papers.  The mortgage people received the information and for now, I think we have everything...... but it is early yet.  :)

I have been keeping busy with AVON, and I have created a blog for that enterprise.  AVON for you is the current name. At first, I called it "Ding Dong, Avon Calling!" but after a few days, it just did not sound right. The first campaign was a break even campaign.  I repeated a few mistakes from before.  I purchased a few things that I thought I could not live without.  After receiving my invoice, I returned the items and am going to practice a bit more restraint this campaign.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


Out My window said...

Just hang in there. You will be in that house soon. I can just feel it!

Louise said...

you are sure are getting the run around with this, hopefully you can get it all over with soon.
Your avon blog looks great!

Jane said...

What a rigmarole you're going through with that house! I'm really hoping you're done jumping through hoops now and we'll find you've moved in your next post. Good luck!

ND Chic said...

You will own this house. Just stay with it and keep your chin up :)