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Good Monday Morning

I apologize for a lack of postings. It seems that jumping through all of these "hoops" to get the Short Sale house has taken the wind out of my sails. We did find out Friday that the Underwriter finally approved us for the loan. Which is great news!! But.....

the bank (Wells Fargo) that holds the note on the house had only approved the house for short sale until April 22nd.  ( Somehow that little bit of information was overlooked)  So, when we thought we could close last Friday, due to this little glitch, we could not. The seller's Realtor is trying to obtain an extension form Wells Fargo. Hopefully by the time they get the extension, nothing else "expires", and we can close. Hopefully.

No worries!  It will happen when it is suppose to. 

I haven't planned menus as of late.  My kitchen is practically all packed up and to tell you the truth, I probably ate out more in April than I should have.  We are also trying to whittle down what we have on hand, but looking back on my spending, that really is not happening.  Eating out is just so darn easy!

Financially, we are still in a holding pattern.  Waiting to go to closing, and waiting  to move has put my financial plans on the back burner.  There is still auto withdrawals that are going to my sub-accounts at ING and bills are being paid.  I am just not motivated to be aggressive financially right at this moment.   

There have been some major expenses NOT related to the short sale house.  My 11 year old Camry had to go the dealer and have some work done.  $300 dollars later it runs like new.  Definitely beats a monthly car payment! 

I hope you all have a great week, now off to read some of YOUR blogs! 


Lindy Mint said...

Good luck as you make it through the rest of those hoops!

The Single Saver said...

I just wanted to say congrats... I see you are under the 200K mark with Alexa!