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Is it the Weekend Yet?

The new job is still challenging me.  But, I have to admit, I am feeling a little bit better about it.  Currently, my schedule is work 1/2 day on Monday, off on Tuesday and work eight hour shifts the rest of the week. I am averaging about 30 hours per week.  I was hired for 40 hours per week, but it is another tech that performs Echos of the heart works the other day and 1/2.  Not that this is what they told me when I was hired.... but it is what it is.   

The days I do work are still busy, and I am exhausted when I get home.  So maybe having the one day off is a blessing in disguise.

There is a sense of being overwhelmed with the new house, the  perpetual projects, the new job, and other family related drama.  To help solve that problem, we are escaping to the beach this upcoming weekend.  I am definitely looking forward to that! 

Hope you all have a great week!


The Borrower said...

Sometimes the best thing is to step back for a while. This beach excursion is a great idea! Next week will be so much better.

Have a great time!

jpkittie said...

good luck getting on track - it will be easier as you go on :)

Babybluewater said...

Oh good, I was going to suggest you do something to relax. You sound a little stressed. I hope the weekend does wonders for you :) Enjoy!

CentsToSave said...

Thanks Baby blue..... I am stressed. But a Day at the beach be the best will be the best remedy. Thanks for your concern.