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There are only 134 days until Christmas..... are YOU ready?  Have you planned on what you are going to buy for friends and family?

 Last year, I was NOT prepared financially for Christmas.  I spent way too much money ( money I did not have).  Since then, I have made a conscious effort to keep my Holiday Budget at $500.00.   Penny at the Saved Quarter has a $100 Holiday Challenge, I know that I can not possibly keep my budget at $100.00.  Heck, I may have some problems keeping it at $500.00, but I am going to try.

Click here to see who is joining in the $500 Holiday Challenge- 

Things have settled down since we moved, and I actually found my "stash" of prepurchased gifts.  I was a little concerned that I may have thrown them out.  Yikes!  But, good news, they were in one of the last boxes in the closet to be unpacked.

I also found my "shopping list" that I previously and accidently deleted.  I am feeling pretty good about that.  this list helps me to remember what I already have and for whom I purchased items already. 

This weekend, I will be going to Kohls to use a $10.00 gift card I recieved in the mail.  I am hoping to get some gifts for my 16 year old grandsons.  Seriously, these guys are super hard to buy for. 

Are you planning ahead for the holidays?  How are you going to frugally have a great Christmas?

Join  Sharon at  My Year of Spending Less and Living More  as well as Penny at "The Saved Quarter" in  the $500 Christmas Challenge.  Now, if you checked out the links you will see that Penny did a remarkable job at only spending $100 dollars for Christmas.  I am more comfortable with using Sharon's benchmark of $500 for my challenge limit.



Days said...

Those 134 days will go by fast. Thanks for the reminder, Lisa. I'm going to be on a tight budget and will use earned gift cards too.

Louise said...

I cut my Christmas budget back to $200 a few years ago and it's still quiet do-able, it would be more if our kids were young though. It's amazing how much less we need to spend once we start spending more consciously which is what these sort of challenges do, make us aware of what we spend. Good luck with the challenge!

CentsToSave said...

$200 for Christmas is awesome! I am very impressed!

CentsToSave said...


The 134 days will definitely fly, won't they? I think most of us are going to be on a tight budget this year. Darn economy.

Carla said...

This year I cut back to $1300, but I think next year I'm going to have to go to $1K, as it's just not in our budget to save that over the course of the year.

CentsToSave said...

Carla, I will try to keep my holiday spending at or around 500 dollars.... which is much better than I did last year. If I go over a bit, it will be okay. I think 1000 dollars is a great goal for next year.