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Drug Store Savings ~ August 23

This week was not a super great for me at the Drug Stores.  I am just getting back  into couponing and am trying to spend my money wisely.  This just means trying to stay on track and buy only what I need. 

 We did need deodorant, and CVS had a great deal on Mitchum on sale...
I saved 75%!  click here to read about it!

Next is Walgreen's, Slim pickins for me coupon wise, but the Nutter Butter cookies are awesomely delish even though they were not on sale.  But I did need the toothbrush! 
Click here to read about my Wags shopping 

What about you?  did you find any great money saving deals at the Drug Stores this week?  Post your great deals below so we can check it out!  Have a great week and thanks for sharing your deals here!

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Alyssa - Frugal Stepmom said...

Thanks for linking up to the Frugal Stepmom - I love Nutter Butters (Husband's are worth it)!