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Happy Friday!

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I can hardly believe that it is Friday already!  This week, I have been able to get more organizing done around the house, the last of the boxes from the move have been unpacked.  There are still two garbage bags full of my husbands camouflage hunting stuff to be put away.  Sooner or later that will find its home too.

This week, I have applied to three ultrasound jobs, I went on one interview, and ha e had one phone interview.  There are a few more online that I can apply for, but they are much farther from home.

I have been to the thrift stores this week, and you can read all about my finds by clicking the link under my picture in the beginning of my post.  Definitely should not be spending any money right now, but a little thrifty retail therapy does go along way.    

No plans this weekend, just to hang out and enjoy.  I am grateful that hurricane Irene has chosen a different route and will NOT be visiting us here in Florida.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


Jane said...

I just got back from a thrift store too! Did some back to school shopping, only I'm shopping for my students. Bought a great little CD player - I have a lot of students who like to listen to music and it helps calm them down.
Found a bag full of big blocks and a lot of other cool stuff that cost very little.
Enjoy a relaxing weekend!

Anonymous said...

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CentsToSave said...

Hope your weekend is wonderful too!