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2011 Goals Update

I have slacked on properly updating my 2011 Goals.   This year has been super busy with the Short Sale Adventure    and the job change and job loss.  These may not be the best excuses but they are all I have! I think I have a tendency to "update" my goals in my mind where I can just be accountable to me.  If I don't post  my updates, well than I don't have to tell any one of my failures to stay on track.   Since I have more time on my hands, I am going to try to do better. 

The first category is Personal Goals.

Health:  I will again become motivated to improve my health.  To do this I will need to exercise, eat better and deal with stress in a more positive way.  Exercise:  I am paying for a gym membership.....that has gone unused for at least a month and a half.  Tsk...Tsk.   I am going to commit to going to the gym at least 8 times this month (and every month this year).  The membership was canceled. I never went to the Gym much. 

I will eat foods that are better for me by eliminating  more of the processed foods that I really like.  More whole grains,vegetables and fruits will be incorporated into my diet.  I will eliminate at least one diet soda a day and replace it with water. ( I drink way too much soda... seriously).
I am incorporating more fresh foods into my diet thanks to Carla's challenge, and I am drinking more water.  But, I still am drinking Soda. I like it. A lot.
Everyone has stress in their life.  I tend to internalize my stress and pretend like there is nothing wrong.  This year, I am going to rely on my family and friends more to listen and help with the load. Definitely am going to do more things that are spur of the moment and fun.
I am doing this, my friends and family are the best!

The next category is Financial Goals.

This Christmas was a debt buster.  I did not have a plan in place (for most of the year) to pay for Christmas.  It comes around every year and I always think I am not going to spend but a couple of hundred dollars.  Wake up Lisa!!!  Every year, I blow the Christmas budget to smithereens!! My budget this year for Christmas was 500.00 dollars.  Final Tally..... 975.00!  Holy Christmas Tree!! I have planned ahead for Christmas 2011.  Each paycheck, we are having automatic deductions taken out and sent to our ING Christmas Savings Account.  By the end of the year, we will have 1000.00 dollars for Christmas!!

I am going to do my best to keep my Christmas Shopping at $500 dollars this year with the help of my $500 Holiday Challenge.
We want to significantly reduce or possible eliminate our credit card debt this year.  We owe around 11,000 dollars in CC debt.  I will be applying for a no interest for 24 months credit card and transfer the balances to that card.  ( I know that this is risky... because I might be tempted to spend more..)  Dang, we still ow this amount.  No progress here!

We need wills.  This definitely needs to get done this year.  ( I say this every year). Nope, Not yet.

I have an emergency account in place, it is at 1000.00 dollars.  There is long term savings in place as well, but until we close on the new house, I do not want to use that for debt reduction at this time. Still have it. 

I am going to use more cash and less debit card for purchases.  This is always so difficult for me.  I find cash limiting....what if there is something else I want to buy and I don't have the cash??  This area needs work, definitely. Still Working On it.

Possibly pick up a part time job to speed the debt repayment.  I have resumes and applications out there, so this will help.  Heck, I need a full time job!

The next category is Blog Goals.

I enjoy blogging so much!  It provides an opportunity to "meet" new people and develop new friendships.  Each day I am blessed to learn about others and myself through blogging.

I want to grow my blog!  I currently have 72 subscribers to my blog.  I want to that number to reach 250 by the end of 2011!  Still need 150 more!

Blog Income:  Each month, my blog earns about 3.00 dollars.  Definitely room for improvement!  Goal for 2011 is to earn 1000.00 dollars which is roughly 83.00 dollars a month.  A girl can dream, right??  Still dreaming!
I am constantly tweaking the look of my blog... I don't know If that will ever stop :)  I am going to figure out how to design a new header this year.  Done for now.

Thanks to everyone that stops by and visits my blog.  I appreciate your time and your comments. Here is to a "Happy New Year" to all of you! 



Evan@MyJourneytoMillions said...

You are killing me...


As far as the weightloss I just borrowed a copy of 4 hour body from my brother - I am flying through the book it is fantastic. I recommend checking it out! Simple changes may add up

CentsToSave said...

I know, I know.... I am a slacker!!!!

I will check into the four hour body.... Sound like you really are liking it!