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A Great Weekend So Far

This weekend has been wonderful.  Friday night, my grandson was able to spend the night, and don't you know we will drop everything we are doing while he is here.  The weather was cooler than usual 

so we hung out outside, and practiced a little T-ball!  Oh yeah, It was definitely a blast for me an my husband. 
Saturday, we went shopping and then it was time to take the our grandson back home.  I was exhausted and as usual when we keep our grandson, a nap is in order after he leaves.

Sunday, we went to church and came home after and had lunch. Then it was a trip to Tractor Supply about 30 miles away, to pick up a part for my husband's welder.  Oh yeah, we stopped at a roadside fruit vendor, and I am sure I paid way too much for peaches I bought.  Oh well, they were delicious.

Tomorrow, I am headed to a local Flea Market (which will be crazy busy because of the Holiday) to see what thrifty treasures I can find.  But, we are going early and we will be leaving before it gets too crowded. 

  This week, I was featured in the Yakezie Carnival – Jester Edition at the Ultimate Juggle. I hope you will visit and check it out!  This is my first time in a Carnival, and I am very excited!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day tomorrow!


Jane said...

I've always wondered how those carnivals work - I WILL check it out and congrats on getting the word out there and publishing a post with them.
We are finally getting some cooler weather today, also rainy, which is perfect for me as I need to stay inside and finish off my school preparations. It's Back to School for me tomorrow!

Buck Inspire said...

Sounds like a terrific weekend. You should participate in more carnivals. It's fun and you get link love. Can't believe how many great articles there are now. Enjoy your Labor Day and thanks for sharing!

CentsToSave said...

Hi Mr. Buck!
I agree the carnivals are a great source of information, and I look forward to joining in more of them. I love a little link love!!

CentsToSave said...

I was intimidated at first when it came to the Carnival, but it was fun!