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Food Waste Friday....Or My Aversion To Fruit

 Happy Friday!  Here we go with another "Food Waste Friday" Update.  This bowl sits on my kitchen counter and I see every time I am in the kitchen.  Every time I walk by, I say to myself " Lisa... you better hurry up and get those bananas peeled and make a quick banana bread or you will end up with a bowl of mush!" 

I didn't listen.  I know...... it is still not to late.  It is on my list of things to do for today.  And the mango is going into the bread too.  So it will not be a total loss. 

On to the refrigerator. The tomatoes have seen better days. I tend to over buy tomatoes.  My husband really likes them and I want to keep them on hand for him.  But..... unfortunately these tomatoes  will be going to the compost bin. 

Head on over to Kristen's at "The Frugalgirl  and read about more food waste!


Tanner E said...

Tomatoes and I have a similar love-hate relationship. I love them, and I buy very few, but they still manage to spoil before I am through with them. I've found it helps if you store them on the vegetable-storage ziplock bags. The ones that look slightly like a net. It allows them to breath and for whatever reason, they last a lot longer in those bags than anywhere else I put them. At least you're using the fruit, so it is not a total loss!

Eric J. Nisall said...

I find the same thing happens to me. I buy fruit or veggies with the intent of doing something specific, but something always changes and I end up having to scramble to use them before they go bad. And on a similar tangent, don't even get me started on freezing stuff to use at a later date either. I've found out that nothing comes out as good as when it went in due to the moisture release upon defrost and just makes for a terrible texture.

CentsToSave said...

I know just what you mean about the freezing stuff til later! It is definitely not the same. Oh.... I should probably check out my freezer for any stray frozen bananas. There is probably a fee shoved in the very back of the freezer.

CentsToSave said...

I never thought about the vegetable storage bags! Thanks, I will definitely have to get some of those.

Jane said...

You're not alone! I presently have 2 soft apples and 2 small tomatoes sitting in MY bowl. I'll find some way to use them this weekend - I'm NOT throwing them out! (Although I will admit that from time to time I will toss my old apples out for the squirrels and the birds - that's not wasting them, right?

DavidL said...

I never buy a bunch of bananas any more. If I buy more than four nobody eats them. If I buy 3 or less they disappear.

Jennifer Bowen said...

You are not alone. The amount of produce wasted in the US is amazing! But way to go using both items in your bread. Banana bread with mango sounds delicious.

I just learned a tip this week that if you separate your bananas at the stem they will actually last longer.

As a coincidence, I just wrote about this yesterday as well. It's a post on how to store your produce to make it last longer and includes a printable reference guide: