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Stupid Credit Card Debt

We have one credit card with a balance.Not just a little tiny balance, but a huge and evidently growing (slightly out of control) balance.    Just one active credit card should not be such a bad thing right?  OK, so I am a little self delusional.  Having one active credit card is definitely a bad thing.  I hate  that the balance is creeping up and up.  It is just plain annoying.

Payment Info
Balance last statement (10/20/2011) $13,055.68
Minimum payment due $270.00
ayment due date 11/17/2011

Here is where we were PRIOR to my layoff

in August 2011

11,6000 Credit Card #1
Zero Balance  Credit Card #2

11,600.00 Total ( August 22, 2011) Credit Card #1

9167.33 Credit Card # 1
4641.38 Credit Card # 2 PAID13,808.71 Total   ( July 4th, 2011)

The Stupid credit card debt is almost back to where it was before the big pay down.  The charges have been mostly for home repair and some unexpected car repairs.  And there are some random charges that should not have been made.  You know the ones: eating out, eating out.... and an all about me splurge at Target.  So... yes the Stupid credit card debt is almost back to where it was, and it does suck! But, seriously, I can only point the spending finger at myself and my husband...... oh yeah... and "Murphy". 

It is time to do better and not go to the credit card.  As of late, we have been paying cash for just about everything.  Time to step it up and be more accountable to myself and my husband.
The "Purchase Interest Charge" is not helping... we are paying 140.00 a month just to carry the Stupid credit balance.  Craziness. 

Confessing the debt is a bit of a relief.  Whew!.


Eric J. Nisall said...

It's always tough when you lose a stream of income. But, the bright side is that it has mostly been for necessities and not some fleeting urge to purchase "things". Just recommit to getting back on track. And, I love where the finger is being pointed...that's the first step in the recovery process!

CentsToSave said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Yep.... the finger is definitely pointed at the "guilty" individuals. :)

Eric J. Nisall said...

Sometimes it's better to give positive encouragement as opposed to some who will ask "why the heck are you dining out blah blah blah". You know, the high-and-mighty types who never do any wrong and can judge everyone else.

CentsToSave said...

I know a couple of them,,, ( the high and mighty) Lol!

Aloysa said...

Don't get discouraged. It will all come around. It will does! It might be not too fast and not tooeasy but it will all get better. You will see! So, remember my words - it shall pass and your c/c debt will be paid off. Just hang in there!

Jeff | Sustainable Life Blog said...

These always seem like they go the wrong way while they are going the right way. Just keep at it and once you get back together you'll get there eventually. It's worth the work.

Evan@MyJourneytoMillions said...

Do you have a plan to pay it off? Have you thought about moving it to a 0%?

CentsToSave said...

I wish I could find a 0% interest card!

CentsToSave said...

I agree.... but I also like an instant fix! Lol!

CentsToSave said...

I am hanging!